Textile yarn innovation


The company AirJet Global has been working since the 2017's in the textile market.
We realized that the technological innovations and sustainable development of yarns were important for the future of the textile industry.
We invested in intellectual, technological and sustainable innovations to assist with efficiency these revolucionary ideas.
We are calling these ideas of the modern blend yarns combinations, for one safe ocean of the synthetic textile fibers. " An evolution of intimate mix yarn ".


"The solution to a lucrative path for today's textile industry is to seek an economically viable, competitive and sustainable technology, with responsibility throughout the textile chain and to take care of their ecological footprints."


Have you thought about the current importance of this new era of the textile industry? The sustainable footprints!
At this point it is essential to think about reducing water use; avoid the use of synthetic fibers polyester (intimate mix) and fleece fabric that come loose in the wash contaminating the oceans and reduce superficial chemical treatment on clothing.

Our product is a solution in technological and sustainable Yarns, aiming at the protection of the whole food chain and our waters.

Technologically and economically viable novelty that diversifies the production of any textile industry

We bring the future to a lucrative present.

Meet our brands and their concepts: Ocean Clean / Biô / Fibracel Jet / Corn Leaf.


Less Textile microfibers in the oceans!

Air jet Global yarns

Brands Concept

All our brands of exceptionless yarns that become woven and do not undergo mechanical sanding change carry the Ocean Clean brand. First yarn to combining process to protect the oceans and the human food cycle."

Ocean Clean

The Biô brand are yarns that have in their composition from 60% to 100% of biodegradable raw materials with soil control. In this new era Textile sustainability of biodegradable and compostable and recycled products."


The Cell Jet Fiber Brand are closed processing chain synthetic cellulose yarns combined with synthetic, artificial or natural filament yarns."

FibraCel Jet

Fabric made of PLA fiber. PLA is an elastic fiber made from polylactic acid extracted from genetically altered maize. PLA fabrics come from PLA fiber, PLA fiber is an attractive, eco-friendly, newly developed fiber. In addition to thermoplastic, biodegradable, compostable and produced from renewable resources annually. It shows a mechanical behavior comparable to conventional polyester and nylon fibers."

Corn Leaf Fiber Jet

Every one Can Does a Better Solutions

Think diferente

Evolution of Intimate Blend yarn

The yarns

Qualities and performances

No Peeling

Air Jet

Our yarn process doesn't create pelling (little balls on clothes)

Textile warp without resistance gum

Air Jet

Better economy and less water contamination.

Low temperature fabric fixation

Air Jet

Better economy at dyeing in fabric finishing

Yarn with technology

Air Jet

Better yarns, fabrics and clothing with Nano technology.

No fabric bus

Air Jet

High yield of yarn in the weave and without busbar

Wrinkled clothes

Air Jet

Easy to clean, dry and fold, no ironing required.

Different look

Air Jet

Yarns with the possibility of differentiated visual mix

Better touch and trim

Air Jet

Better dimensional stability fabrics and clothing.

Sustainable technology

Air Jet

Allows more sustainable clothes

Varied yarn compositions

Air Jet

Possibilities of combining many raw materials into one Yarn

More durable clothes

Air Jet

Better yarn, better clothes! The technology present in the yarn adds more value to the clothes

Differentiate production

Air Jet

Small, medium or large scale yarn production

Various types of yarn titles

Air Jet

Possibility of creating yarns with different titles and thus having a competitive fabric in the market

Sundry blends yarn

Air Jet

Short, medium or long blends (Strifeen risk).

Integration between companies to develop new Nano Pharmaceutic products for a better life


Fernando Marin


"We have the possibility on this year of 2019 a unique moment to integrate serious and responsible companies. Bring the future to the present. Be responsible to our descendants.