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Montanhas Conheça o Lago

An Italian and Portuguese family founded in 1990 an Industrial Textile company of innovation in sustainable yarns, with headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil and offices in Santa Catarina. 

Founded by Italian Antonio Herminio Marin, Portuguese Ana Maria Bastos, and their children Fernando Bastos Marin and Anna Christina Bastos Marin, along with their commercial partner Márcio Belli.

In 2006 an innovative process was developed in yarns and in 2018, based on several scientific studies and laboratory tests of micro fibers shedding, we made a new technological discovery in process and product, preventing fiber shedding and enabling a real closed cycle for circularity and biodegradable clothes to prevent polluting the environment with fibers. It's called Clean Ocean blended process Technology.

Innovation of technological 
process and product. 
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We solved the problem of how to prevent microfibers shedding

Fernando Marin, President

Visionary, inventor and talks to everyone, because everyone has experiences to share

Antonio Marin, VP

Founder, inventor, maker of new markets, a great salesman, a great entrepreneur of persistence and vision

Marcio Belli,

Head Commercial

honest seller, always looking for the best for the customer and a great speaker

Ana Bastos, Head Philanthropy

Founder, a great philanthropic woman in caring for the most needy. An incredible woman and simple enlightened person.

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  Sustainable concepts in the Textile industry.


Natural yarns


Synthetic yarns


Just Natural is impossible.

Just Synthetic is impossible.

We had an unprecedented discovery that the combination of two fibers in the Clean Ocean process creates enormous durability in clothing and prevents fiber shedding of the two fibers.

Natural and Synthetic must be brought together through Clean Ocean technology.

The Real Circular Textile Product


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Biodegradable anaerobic or aerobic synthetic fiber.


Natural, Synthetic and artificial biodegradable must be brought together through Clean Ocean technology.

Some products in textile chain must be biodegradable.

For polyamide sportswear it is very difficult to have circularity as recycled polyamide clothing. It is a very complicated process to become clothing again.

Biocell gives you the opportunity for underwear and sportswear to degrade at your disposal only.

For corn-based fiber there is the possibility to recycle several times, or if it goes to a landfill it will be biodegraded in 2 years.


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