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THE FUNDAMENTAL of the New Fashion is: 

- Great Durability           

- Better Circularity

- Fast capacity to change collection

- Economic viable products for all

- Bio and Recycled raw material Ocean Safe.

For a Better Sustainable Closed Loop

We can offer   THE FUNDAMENTAL

One  Technology

three  solutions




In just one place "Clean Ocean Fiber Tech." 

We got the Change

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Clean Ocean Fiber technology

We are a New concept of Yarn mill Pre-scale Startup whit a laboratory of 100 tons/mouths sustainable fiber process. A company with expertise in industrial Marketing consultancy and knowledge whit technological transfer for develop and launch new sustainable products solution in the fashion and decoration textile market.

The resources of our planet are limited.  Clothes release a lot fibers and chemicals in the environment. For this reason, we are committed to establishing the circular economy as a sustainable better closed loop textile products, present future-oriented better circular concept in the industry.

Sustainable, efficient and better clothes using products by Clean Ocean fiber technology. Is the only process that protect the environment since the fibers  process creation.

Clean Ocean fiber technology is an economy with a present and future.

We have a pending intelectual propriety and yarn brand to transfer knowledge. Our goal: Technology and knowledge transfer

The solution for any company fashion brand to be more sustainable for the new  market.

Fast and creativity whit less cost and sustainable for all pockets.

The technical time:

Found by Fernando Marin, 42 years old, a visionary in his textile field, graduate in textile technology University in Brazil. Whit a partner Marcio Belli, 52 years old, an expertise in textile market business, Graduate in computer science in Brazil.

Together and supporting the project, a master and visionary inventor of textile technology, textile consultancy and knowledge of sustainable business and products in Brazil, Sr.Antonio Marin, 72 years old, graduate chemical engineer.


It's a scientific FACT !!! 

Second hand clothing will be a prosperous economic path for brand companies using BioCell and LooCell yarn products, made by Clean Ocean Fiber Technology. Is the path for a better circularity textile business.

A good opportunity for brand companies 

- The state of the art Technology

- Fast sustainable yarns 

- Fast new creation

- Fast and cheap prototype

- Great durability

- Ocean safe prevention 

- 100% traceability of raw materials and  - Public transparency

- Social and economic products prices.

- Certified raw material

- High quality resale

- Offer minor repairs

- Exchange APP garments for second hand or recycling 

- Better clothing circulating ( whit Clean Ocean)

- Infinite closed loop of clothes material 

- Control of creation better yarn from bio  and recycling raw material clothing.

First-hand and Second-hand Sales market fashion control

 This is a great target consumer, that identifies with more conscious and ethical vision in next years.

The only path to success is transparency and technology.



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Head Office

 Martin Pescador,98

Florianópolis - Santa Catarina

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