Brands Concept

All our brands of exceptionless yarns that become woven and do not undergo mechanical sanding change carry the Ocean Clean brand. First yarn to combining process to protect the oceans and the human food cycle."

Ocean Clean

The Biô brand are yarns that have in their composition from 60% to 100% of biodegradable raw materials with soil control. In this new era Textile sustainability of biodegradable and compostable and recycled products."


The Cell Jet Fiber Brand are closed processing chain synthetic cellulose yarns combined with synthetic, artificial or natural filament yarns."

FibraCel Jet

Fabric made of PLA fiber. PLA is an elastic fiber made from polylactic acid extracted from genetically altered maize. PLA fabrics come from PLA fiber, PLA fiber is an attractive, eco-friendly, newly developed fiber. In addition to thermoplastic, biodegradable, compostable and produced from renewable resources annually. It shows a mechanical behavior comparable to conventional polyester and nylon fibers."

Corn Leaf Fiber Jet